New Years Resolutions and Birthday Cake

I love that my birthday falls in January.

New Years Resolutions and Birthday Cake

I love that each new year of my life coincides with the exact moment when EVERYONE is energized about a fresh start. As New Years resolutions are being made, I find myself taking inventory of my life up to that year. I dream about what the next year holds and create birthday goals.

Today I turn 27. Upon initial reflection, I couldn’t think of a reason to get too excited about the number. But then I realized, I am three short years away from 30! A milestone! I can’t pass up the opportunity to set a massive, turn of the decade goal. So here it goes blogging world – you can keep me accountable!

30 By 30

It should be no secret that my Adventureman and I love to travel. We’ve been to some pretty amazing places, but are itching to explore even more! I want to maintain this passion for adventure, knowing that travel experiences are invaluable and can’t be bought in a store.

So… I will travel to 30 destinations by 30. 

Into this collection of 30 destinations, I will count all trips I have taken up until this year that match the following criteria. ( My birthday, my rules. 🙂 )

My destinations must be…

  1. Trips that have taken place after high school.
  2. Places I have spent a minimum of one day exploring.
  3. Adventures that have been photographed for proof!

I’ve completed 20 destinations so far.

30 by 30

That means I have 10 adventures left to complete! Roughly three new destinations per year – totally doable right?!

Oh the places I hope to go!


Peru …

Bora Bora…


So what about you? What destinations are at the top of your travel list?

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2 Responses to New Years Resolutions and Birthday Cake

  1. Charlene January 5, 2017 at 4:15 pm #

    What a great goal… Sure beats losing weight! 😂 I think it’s wonderful that you are able to go experience so many places! I know I did 7 trips in 2016 and they made for a wonderful year. Our family is looking to do a Carribean cruise in 2017. Looking forward to watching you meet your goal 👊🏻

    • The Adventureman's Wife January 5, 2017 at 11:16 pm #

      Thanks Charlene! You and your family are going to love the Caribbean! We visited Grenada in the south Carribean and we wouldn’t hesitate to island hop on a cruise ship! Have so much fun! 🙂

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