My name is Amanda June – I’m the Adventureman’s Wife!

Fishing on the Zambezi River in Zambia, Africa

I’ve been addicted to adventure for as long as I can remember. Though deeply rooted among family and friends in Arizona, I’ve always dreamed of traveling all over the globe – experiencing different cultures, trying exotic foods, sinking my toes into the sands of foreign beaches, and beholding jaw-droppingly gorgeous mountain views.

After exploring a few countries on my own, I met my husband on my way to Africa. It’s been an amazing adventure every day since!

My husband and I now run an adventure company out of Phoenix, Arizona. Whether we’re hiking through the Grand Canyon, jet setting around the globe, or enjoying our quaint neighborhood, we love to make each day an adventure.

I spend my days planning our next trip and turning our Phoenix house into a home. And eating ice-cream… lots and lots of ice-cream. On the blog, you can expect to see travel tips and tricks, some home-made goodness, as well as insights gained from my personal journey in faith and family. So come on in, stay a while, and get inspired to make each day an adventure!

I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a message on my contact page.

Meet Amanda June